Blisk – The Ultimate Developer Focused Browser

Most of us use ordinary browsers for web development purposes. The main reasons, one put forward advocating the use of an ordinary browser, are the ease of use, and customization according to the user’s needs offered by these browsers. However, the question arises that is their use practical? At times, tens of tabs are open simultaneously, making your browser work slow often leading to a crash which is disastrous.

As a web developer, you have to test how your websites appear on different devices. This is a demanding procedure as you have to undertake much testing to evaluate if your design fits properly to the screen of each device without a distortion in the pixels.

There has always been the need of a web browser designed specifically for web developers allowing them to undertake multiple activities at once. Well, now there is a browser, named Blisk, using which you can operate different tools, run applications and read articles in the chorus.

What is Blisk?

Unlike other mainstream browsers that offer ordinary internet surfing, Blisk is purpose-built for web development. Now you can easily perform prototyping, coding, and software/website testing tasks. It is an easy to use browser which, when installed, runs immediately.

Blisk is tested to be much more competitive regarding heavy tasking, compared to other popular ones. Its successful running has observed the working of your system at a normal speed, undergoing no crashes. It is an easy to use browser, which allows newbies to get along with it very well.

Prominent Features

Due to speed, reliability, and upgraded designs, it is gaining rapid popularity among the ranks of web developers. The main features of the purpose-built browser are:

Multiple Device

One of the major challenges a web developer must face is to test how their website will appear on a particular device. Each laptop has different screen resolutions from a tablet, and each tablet has different resolutions from smartphones. Further, there are smartphones which vary in resolution with a change in their model, so testing your innovation across so many device designs is difficult with ordinary browsers.

However, Blisk has built-in screen resolution designs of different devices which allow you to test your website while it is in the coding phase. If there is any ambiguity, it will show up on the browser, allowing you to make necessary changes in time.

Easy Testing across Multiple Devices

Blisk allows you to maintain coherence between different devices. It makes one of your devices emulate the other. When you scroll across the screen of one device, the browser will automatically scroll up and down to the same level on other devices. This helps you to find out how the elements of your development translate across different devices.

One Click Screen Shot

An added feature of the browser is the ability to take screenshots in a single click. This screenshot is automatically saved to the cloud storage of your Blisk account. You can easily find it if you need it in the future. You can also share it with your team of developers for better performance.

Auto Refresh

On ordinary browsers, web developers must manually refresh multiple times while working to instill changes to their work. Blisk has risen to save the day with an auto refresh feature. The browser intermittently refreshes itself automatically. This brings changes to your website design every time you alter the coding.

Built-in Web Page Analytics

The browser comes with built-in analytics, which highlight errors in the script and foreground problems of the nonresponsive links. This makes your work easy as you don’t have to adopt a separate tool for underlining such issues. The browser ensures the quality of your work by automatically nominating the issues while you’re working.

Expected Features

The browser, despite being a huge success, is undergoing evolution to introduce new features, which will promote ease of developing and programming. The creative teams at Blisk are working hard to incorporate changes in the design and sophistications of the browser to make it more efficient and user-friendly. Expected features which will soon be a part of the package are:

Device Rotation

Blisk is striving to introduce a device rotation feature, which will allow the browser to rotate with a rotation of mobile phone or tablet. This will give the developers an added benefit of testing pixels and the design of their creation.

Integration with Third Party Services

Blisk is performing solely at the moment to make life easy for the web developers. However, it is expected to make a partnership with third party services like Google Drive and Dropbox for a better experience to the users.

This party introduction will enhance the quality of the work as developers can integrate different information available from different sources.


At the moment, Blisk works with Windows only. The development teams are striving to thrive in the achievement of compatibility with other operating systems like Linus and Mac. Soon, the browser will be operational on different systems.

Why Adopt Blisk?

The purpose-built nature offered features, and the ones it will offer in the near future, put it in the commanding position when it comes to choosing a browser for web development. At the moment, it is producing good results for general development tasks. The future holds further promises, when the expected features will go operational, it will make coding tasks a lot easier.

Its ability to perform multiple functions in a reliable way is making scores of people convert from their ordinary browsers. Web developers must open multiple browsers at times to avoid crashing and slow speeding problems. With Blisk, you don’t have to open multiple browsers to do web development tasks.

The support teams at Blisk constantly toil to remove bugs from the system and provide privacy and security to users over the internet. The browser comes with auto-update features, which provide the users with update sharpness. Whenever a new version of the browser is made available, Blisk undergoes auto updating.

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